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Easton's Nursery Reveal

June 14, 2020

I know Easton is 7 months old, but hey better late than never right! I have had the nursery done for a while but wanted to add a few small touches before I shared. I am so in love with this neutral, boho calming, chill nursery I designed for Easton and it is my favorite room in our house! I hope you love it too! I tried to link everything but if I missed something you want, shoot me a DM on my Instagram ! Also- if you want to see the nursery in person, check out my highlights under "NURSERY" I am posting a room tour! xoxo 

Our crib, dresser and glider are from Delta Children  and are the 'Willow set.' It is currently unavailable but their sets are all so cute! Our glider is in the color sand. We were gifted these pieces. I love that they offer nursery sets. It makes it super easy and convenient when shopping! 

Everything linked here:

Pampas grass - highly recommend! 
Vase  (ours is the "jug")
Black picture frames (all four are 8 x 10)
Curtains (ours are in the color library gray)
Playgym: Poppyseed Play c/o
Rug (ours is 6 x 9)
Shelving in closet (right side)
"E" wall hook: ours exact is Anthropologie & not available but click here for a cute similar 
Baskets in closet: ours are Home Goods but click here for similar , these are also super cute
Pacifier clip  (that is holding our ultrasound photos)
Ottoman: ours exact was called the Soraya if they ever restock but click here for almost exact version 
Side table: ours is called Austen nightstand from Pottery Barn kids but this is almost exact
Laundry baskets: the one with the elephant is Home Goods, the other is Target that I can't find online but this one is super cute 
Easton's shirt c/o City Mouse Studio 
Easton's shorts
My sweatshirt  c/o Abercrombie & Fitch 
My shorts (LOVE) c/o Abercrombie & Fitch 
Llama stuffed animal - c/o Cuddle & Kind
Teddy bear on chair: mine when I was a baby! 

Photography: Lindzy Lee Annis

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