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Step Up your accessory game

February 28, 2020

Outfit details:

Sweater- Superdown via Revolve c/o (wearing a medium)
Coat- Superdown via Revolve c/o 
Jeans- Superdown via Revolve c/o (loveee these, wearing a size 26)
Boots- Superdown via Revolve c/o (sized up to a 10)
Leopard cuff- Victoria Emerson c/o
Gold chain bracelet- Victoria Emerson c/o
Neutral mini boho bracelet- Victoria Emerson c/o
Earrings- J Crew

I never used to be an accessory girl tbh. I was actually a tomboy! Can you believe that?! Shooting hoops, wearing backwards hats and watching wrestling lol. Then I finally came to the realization I loved barbies and fashion and the rest was history. When I became a blogger over four years ago, I only used to wear earrings. I found Victoria Emerson  a couple years ago and have been a fan ever since. Their pieces are not only unique but they go with every outfit no matter what you wear. They recently came out with a few new ones and I'm obsessed

I love leopard print and gold so I had to grab this one and this one . I love layering them to achieve a more boho look or if you want to stick to simple you can just wear one! They currently have BOGO FREE, yes that's right buy one, get one free. So if you're wanting to try them out or you're already a fan, go check out the sale and their new pieces now! 

If you are a neutral lover like me I am loving little mini boho bracelet. The mix of textures, crystals and stones together achieve the perfect look for some good wrist candy. 

I have linked some of my favorites below. Hope you babes have a great weekend! XO

Photography: Lindzy Lee Annis

Thank you so much to Victoria Emerson for sponsoring today's post! XO

Easton's Birth Story

February 27, 2020

I am already getting emotional writing this. What better day to tell you about Easton's birth story than on my birthday. You are the best gift I have ever received Easty boy and you truly will never understand how lucky I am to be your mama. I am very excited to share with you guys this amazing, loving, empowering, life changing and unforgettable experience. Now let's talk about how he came into this world...


It was Friday November 1st, 2019 and I had a photoshoot with my friend Lindzy. Let me rewind and tell you I already had my hospital bag packed and in my car because I thought I was getting induced earlier but my doctor changed her mind. Halfway through the photoshoot I looked at Lindzy and said, " I don't want to freak you out but I'm definitely having what I think are contractions." They felt like bad cramps. I came home, did a try on session, got some food and relaxed with Justin. I woke up Saturday to worse cramps around 10am. I told Justin and you guys, you would have thought I was having the baby on the floor at that moment. Justin started freaking out, running around the house, trying to get everything in order. 


I said, babe calm down I am fine but I'm in pain. I remember standing at the top of our stairs bending over as Justin was at the bottom of the stairs looking at me and he said we are going to the hospital!! I showered, did my makeup, brushed my teeth and we stopped at Tim Hortons (I had heard to make sure to eat before) and headed to the hospital around 11:15am. 

Justin was seriously so cute. He dropped me off at the front, went and parked the car and sprinted in with the bags. He was flustered the person checking us in was taking a while because he knew I was in pain. Once we got checked in, they put us in a room. 

They checked me and I was 3-4cm dilated and 70% effaced. They put me on the monitor and watched me for 1.5 hours but my contractions were irregular (7 minutes apart) and not super close together. They sent us home and said to come back when it got worse. 

We left the hospital, picked up food, went home and tried to nap but they were getting worse. Justin downloaded a contractions app for me to time them. I was pacing around our bonus room and would bend over anytime I got one. Justin kept telling me to lay down but it felt better to stand. I finally gave in and curled up in a ball on the couch next to my phone with the app opened up. I did it for one hour and two separate times an alert came up that said go to the hospital! At this point the pain was so bad I could care less what I looked like I just knew we needed to get there. 


Justin was in a panic (again) lol. When we got to the hospital around 9pm we pulled up and I got the biggest contraction. It was so bad I couldn't get out of the car until it passed. I waddled in as Justin parked the car (and this is actually really funny) the guy at the front was a younger kid and he looked at me and asked if I was there to visit someone. YOU GUYS, lol. I was huge, waddling, out of breathe and looked at him and said no I'm in labor. Then he freaked out and said omg let me grab you a wheelchair lol. 

We got into a room and they checked me. Somehow I was still only about 4cm but 90% effaced now. The contractions were super close and I was in so much pain. I knew I wanted and needed the epidural. They had me in a room on a monitor waiting for my delivery room. 

Once we got into our delivery room I was in so much pain I didn't even open my eyes for a long period of time. My mom and my sister came (I am super close with both of them) and were trying to calm me down. My nurse, unfortunately, was not very nice. She was an older woman and acted like I was a pain for her. The time came to get the epidural and Alyx (my sister) said Nicole it's ok, it doesn't even hurt! She knew I hated needles and was trying to make me feel better. My nurse (right before I got the epidural) said, "oh wow really? I have seen people jump off the bed it hurts so bad!" Justin later told me him and my mom looked at her like they were going to punch her lol. 

I received the epidural around midnight and it felt like a bee sting. But once I got it I was in lala land. I said on my stories that I've never done ecstasy but it has to be what it feels like because all of the pain was magically gone. From 12am-7am my nurse said she wanted to check me every hour. She had me flat on my back and would come in and flip the lights on, change me, check me and flip me then we would wait. She kept saying every time I was closer. Finally at 7am her shift was over and a new young, bubbly, super nice nurse walked in. She was like girl why are you flat on your back? We've gotta sit you up and get you to start pushing! I was so excited. I liked her a million times better already. 


At 8am they called the doctor and he came. Oh ya I missed that. My entire pregnancy I had a woman doctor I loved and I found out the day I went to the hospital she wasn't on call and wouldn't be delivering my baby. My only real criteria was that I didn't want a guy delivering the babe. Guess who was on call? The only guy at my doctor's practice. He came in, cool as a cucumber and had me start pushing. He was amazing. I instantly felt at peace with him delivering the baby and he helped me focus on my breathing. Justin was at my head, my mom was holding my leg and my sister was recording everything. All three of them were coaching me, telling me how amazing I was and truly were the best. I couldn't ask for a better team. 


As I continued to push, I realized I could feel what felt like his head on my left side. Oh no. The epidural had wore off only on the left side. I told Justin I couldn't do it. The pain was so intense. I remember looking around and I could tell something was not right. I later found out Easton's heart rate got up to 200 and that was when the doctor said he was going to "help me." He used the vacuum and I heard my sister say omg Nicole he has a head full of black hair! My doctor said Nicole look at me and give me your hands. I reached down and grabbed Easton and pulled him out and onto me. Ok officially crying. The song "You are the Reason" by Calum Scott was playing on my playlist. I looked down at you and you were staring right at me. That is when I truly experienced the most amazing love. My baby was here. November 3rd, 2019 at 9:23 God gave me the best gift I have ever received. My boy! Easton Brooks Leffew. He was 6lbs 13.5oz and 19.5 inches long. He had a head full of black hair just like mama but was daddy's actual twin. I could not have been more thankful the labor and delivery went smooth and we had a healthy baby. For the next hour I held him on my chest and had skin to skin. He latched right away and he was so peaceful and calm. 

Justin had to skin to skin after me and just when I thought my heart couldn't be more full. Seeing him staring at Easton, being "daddy" for the first time was the most precious and special moment. 

It is insane what our bodies can do, just when I thought I couldn't do it, I did. It was the most incredible experience and even though at times I felt the most pain I have ever felt I would do it 100 times over if it meant I got to see Easton at the end. 

Thank you for blessing me a 1,000 times over Easton. You are my best friend. I love you so much. XO

The Sh*t they don't tell you about pregnancy, labor & delivery

February 25, 2020

Cardigan: Chicwish c/o
Dress: Lulus, similar here
Bralette: Free People
Booties: Vince Camuto, similar here

Hey babes! I keep going through my archive of photos and finding some I never posted. I loved this chunky cardigan from Chicwish! I still wear it all the time. It's not maternity but it was perfect when I had a bump! They have the coziest pieces and I linked some of my favorite current sweaters and cardigans from them below! :)

My friend Emilee just had a baby and I went to visit her the other day. We were talking about everything no one tells you about pregnancy, labor and delivery! I told you guys on stories I thought this would be a fun blog post to write and maybe help some of you be more prepared?!

Let me also make sure I include these are from my experiences and yes I threw in a few from you guys. I know not one pregnancy, labor and delivery are the same so don't get your panties in a wad if you don't agree with me, lol. 

Things no one tells you about pregnancy:

1) As your pregnancy gets farther along, you literally have to pee on average 3-5x a night. And it sucks because it takes you awhile to get comfortable then you have to get up lol. 
2) How you will have to eventually ask your husband for help when you put on your shoes. 
3) How the farther along you get your husband is afraid to have sex with you because he might "poke the baby." 
4) If you experience heartburn, you will need tums by your side 24/7. 
5) How your boobs get out of control big and you will not be wearing a normal bra. I lived in bralettes. 
6) How actually hard it is to get pregnant. Most of you know we had infertility issues. I thought once I got off birth control I would get pregnant asap! That does not happen (for some like me). 
7) It might take you an entire episode of Friends to roll over and get comfortable enough to fall asleep when you hit the 8-9 month mark. 
8) You don't get this super cute bump right away. It's more like.....does that girl have a little food baby or has she just put on a few lbs? Someone actually said that to me one time. "I thought you just gained some weight!" No Linda. There's a baby in there. 
9) To listen to your intuition. If you feel like something isn't right, speak up. 
10) That "morning sickness" is actually afternoon and night sickness too!
11) Breathing is hard. 
12) You think you are exhausted, wait until the first couple weeks with the babe lol. 
13) It's actually so beautiful that we create and carry this baby and they grow inside of us. 
14) You do not have to run to the hospital the second you start having contractions, you can actually shower. 
15) That when they "check" you, they are pretty much sticking their whole hand up there. 
16) That you should take full of advantage of free time. Take long showers, lots of naps, go to the movies, read a book, go out to dinner, etc. 
17) How hard it is to keep quiet and not tell anyone the first few weeks. 
18) How INCREDIBLE it is the first time you feel your baby move and every time they do you grab your husband's hand to feel. 
19) Pack your hospital bag weeks in advance because you could (like me) deliver 2 weeks early. 
20) You might actually miss your bump and love being pregnant. 

Things no one tells you about labor & delivery:

1) THE SHAKES! Holy cow. After I got my epidural I could not stop shaking. Justin was like babe are you freezing? I was like no I cannot stop shaking?!
2) How the first moment you see your baby is the most amazing, best moment of your life. It was like time stopped for me. 
3) How the first few days you are on such a "baby high" you look back and wonder how you ever functioned on 2 hour of sleep. Everything they do is perfect and you just stare and smile forever.  
4) That contractions are so much worse than a period cramp lol. 
5) You should make a playlist for your delivery and have it playing. We did this and it relaxed me more, plus made all the emotions come out to play! 
6) Breastfeeding is hard and sometimes doesn't work when you first try. 
7) You have nurses and doctors coming in and out of your room it feels like 24/7 the day after you deliver. 
8) You truly need to focus on your breathing.
9) How crazy emotional you are the few weeks after you deliver, and it's normal. 
10) How they push on your stomach after you deliver. 
11) How PAINFUL the first poop you have is. Pretty sure I thought this was worse than the actual delivery. 
12) Postpartum feelings and feeling lonely when and if you are breastfeeding in the beginning. 
13) How is hurts to walk after. Attempting stairs is a chore. 
14) The first time you ride in the car you might hold yourself off the seat because it is so painful. 
15) Post-pregnancy hair loss. Just started experiencing this and it is not fun lol. 
16) You wear mesh underwear and icepacks in your underwear. 
17) You squirt hot water on your crotch and butt to help the healing. 
18) You get hemorrhoids. And have them for a while. 
19) How you bleed for a few weeks after. 
20) Sometimes your water does not break and they have to break it for you. 
21) Once you get your epidural, it is insane how much better you feel. We were listening to rap music and singing. 20 minutes before that I was pretty sure someone had put me in actual Hell. 
22) Your doctor may have to "vacuum" your baby out. 
23) You can do it even if you think you can't. You turn into superwoman. 
24) That if you want you can reach down and pull your baby out (I did this and it was INCREDIBLE).
25) That is hard to remember life before your little one because once you hold them you wonder how you ever lived life without them :)

 Thank you so much to Chicwish for sponsoring today's post! 

10 Nursing Must Haves

February 23, 2020

Hi girls! I have had a few of you request this post so I wanted to share the goods with you! I have been exclusively breastfeeding for 16 weeks now so I have learned what you really need! Here are my top 10 must haves:

1) Nursing bras- I have tried a few and these are my top favorites. My sister used them too. They are cute, super comfortable and look like sports bras. The snap is super easy! 

2) Nipple cream - this helps a ton in between feedings. Your nipples will be sore, cracked and may even bleed but if you keep a cream on them it will help them heal. I love this one because it's safe for baby and mama! 

3) Nursing pillow- I have used this since day one! It has truly helped out my back because it brings your baby closer to you so you aren't hunched over! Plus it is comfier for them! 

4) Cooling gel pads- these were amazing in the beginning. Nursing makes your boobs so tender and these help a ton! 

5) Nursing cover- I loveee this cover. How cute is the print? I love that you can use this multiple ways. It can be a carseat cover, nursing cover, shopping cart cover, stroller cover, etc. I always carry mine if I am breastfeeding in public. 

6) Pump- this is the pump I use and I love it. Always check with your insurance first before buying one because they covered ours! I started pumping to create a stash for if and when I'm ever not home and Justin has Easton! 

7) Nipple shields- I struggled with the pain in the very beginning so my lactation consultant recommended these and helped a ton! After a couple weeks I tried without them and it didn't hurt anymore. 

8) Burp cloths- Easton has acid reflux really bad so we pretty much wear a burp cloth on our shoulder or have one super close 24/7. But when I'm nursing I definitely need one to clean the milk off of his face and excess milk on my boob. 

9) Nursing tanks- these are great but I wear my nursing bra all the time so I don't wear my tanks a ton. I do like these though if I'm leaving the house and am feeding him in public.  

10) Nursing pads- you will leak and these are lifesaving. Milk has stained a lot of my shirts before I started using these and wearing my nursing bras 24/7, lol. 

Always make sure when you are nursing you drink tons of water and have snacks on hand because you will be very hungry! :) Hope this post helps! XO


February 13, 2020

Hey babes! Highly requested blog post comin atcha! Easty boy is almost 15 weeks (holy cow?!) so I have figured out what we really love and then things we aren't huge fans of! I wanted to share the top 20 products we use the most. It can be super overwhelming when you're a first time mom and trying to register. I actually combined 5 different Pinterest "registry must have" lists to create my own when I was personally registering! Yes I am a psycho lol. BUT I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed for him! I am also going to continue to create baby blog posts to help you guys as Easton grows! :)

* These are in no particular order! 

1) Diapers - you will definitely find the diapers that work best for your baby as they grow. For us personally we love Pampers Swaddlers! 

2) Wipes- I am super picky about a lot of things but wipes aren't one of them. I do like the water wipes the best though! 

3) Noise Machines- this is the one we have in Easton's nursery and it is the best thing in the WORLD! You want to create an environment they are comfortable in when they go to sleep. They are used to being inside your belly which is as loud as a vacuum 24 hours a day according to Taking Cara Babies! We also love this one for traveling! 

4) Car Seat- we love our Uppababy Mesa. It is has energy absorbing foam making it more comfortable for baby and moisture wicking fabric to keep baby cool in any environment. 

5 ) Jammies/ comfy clothes- our favorites are zipper ones like these, gowns and magnetic ones! We learned in the beginning snaps are the devil lol. 

6) Pacifier- Easton is not a big pacifier baby but he will suck on one for a couple minutes to soothe himself then he spits it out. He only likes these

7) Monitor- now that Easton is sleeping in his own room, I want to check on him 24/7. We have so much peace of mind with the Owlet Cam + Sock The sock tells us his oxygen levels as well as his heart rate and will alert us if anything is wrong. 

8) Swing - this is probably of of the top 5 questions I'm asked. Easton has always loved his swing but we just got him this one and he loves it even more because the mobile spins on it's own and there's a mirror for him to look at himself. 

9) Burp Cloths- you will need one of these on you 24/7 lol. Especially if you have a baby with bad reflux like Easton! 

10) Dockatot- this was probably our number one product in the first few weeks. It's the perfect "docking" station. Easton loved sleeping in his. It is super cozy and easy to takes places for traveling! 

11) Ubbi Diaper Pail- we had a normal trash can then finally got the Ubbi and it was the best decision. You are changing a ton of poopy diapers and it starts getting stinky so with this you literally don't smell any poop! #win

12) Bathtub- Easton has always loved baths but I attribute it to the fact that this bathtub is so awesome. It sits the baby up so that you can have most of their body underwater so they won't be cold! 

13) Velcro or zipper swaddles- Easton started out in this one which was amazing (love the velcro). But recently he has been sleeping in this one and he loves his hands being up so it's perfect. 

14) Boppy- this is not only a great nursing pillow but it is also a great lounging pillow. I feed Easton every morning with it then will prop him up on it and read him books and show him his black and white pictures, etc. 

15) Breast Pump- if you are planning on breast-feeding I have the Medela Pump in Style and love it! 

16) Diaper Bag- I have a few different diaper bags but my favorite is this one. It is so chic and I love the backpack style! It has tons of pockets and lots of storage room. 

17) Taking Cara Babies- I need to write an entire separate blog post on this. This class changed our lives. It helped Easton sleep completely through the night! Cara for President! 

18) Stroller- we tested out TONS of different strollers and kept coming back to this one. It glides so nicely and has a bassinet, toddler seat and our carseat fits on it too! I have tons of stories on my Instagram showing more in depth details! It's under the "Stroller" highlight! 

19) Wrap- this one is by far our favorite. We tried three others before this. It is super easy to use by yourself and it's very comfortable. 

20) Blanket- when Easton was little we wrapped him in swaddle blankets 24/7 it felt like but now anywhere we go we use this one and he loves it. It is so soft!

These are the products that have worked best for our family! Each baby is different. I just want to be a source for you guys and try to help any other new mamas! Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions about any of the products. They are all linked below for you to shop! XO

My Favorite Hair Products

February 5, 2020

What's up babes! Happy hump day! It is Wednesday right? #mombrain. Anyways, I had a few requests to show what are my favorite hair products and then when I showed I bought this waver in my Amazon haul last week you all wanted to see how it works! If you want more details on that, go check out my stories! My instagram is linked HERE. But if you want to know what I use let me tell ya! These are also in order the way I use them! 

Shampoo & Conditioner // I am currently using Raw Sugar Living Moisture Smoothie. They are paraben and sulfate free and safe for colored hair. Plus the coconut smell is super yummy. I wash my hair every 2-4 days depending on how oily it looks. Extensions have helped my hair a ton (I used to have to wash it every day!)

Miracle Leave In // So I have been using this for YEARS. I am obsessed with It's a 10 and I think their products are great. After I get out of the shower I rub about a dime, sometimes quarter size through my hair. It eliminates tangles, adds shines, controls frizz, literally everything. This is a MUST HAVE. 

Hair Brush // I have also been using this for years. The wet brush is freaking amazing. I use it on my wet and dry hair! 

Hair Dryer // I use the T3 hair dryer. I know it's pricey but it seems to dry my hair faster and obviously I love that it's white and chic looking! I have seen these at Costco for A LOT cheaper than online btw. 

Dry Shampoo // Love this one. I like that they have different hair colors (blonde, brunette, red, etc.). I get the divine dark! I actually spray it in my CLEAN hair for volume. They obviously use it when it's dirty too, lol. 

Heat Protectants // I used this one in my hair tutorial today. It works great and I love the smell. But I also wanted to share this one that I use! It's important to use a heat protectant to prevent damage when using hot tools on your hair. 

Hair Waver // With over 990 reviews, this waver is amazing. Such a fun cute way to switch up your normal hairstyle! Loveeee it. 

Below is a photo from today after I used the waver! I still need to practice more but overall, I think it's cute! DM me if you have any questions on anything I posted! XO

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