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February 13, 2020

Hey babes! Highly requested blog post comin atcha! Easty boy is almost 15 weeks (holy cow?!) so I have figured out what we really love and then things we aren't huge fans of! I wanted to share the top 20 products we use the most. It can be super overwhelming when you're a first time mom and trying to register. I actually combined 5 different Pinterest "registry must have" lists to create my own when I was personally registering! Yes I am a psycho lol. BUT I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed for him! I am also going to continue to create baby blog posts to help you guys as Easton grows! :)

* These are in no particular order! 

1) Diapers - you will definitely find the diapers that work best for your baby as they grow. For us personally we love Pampers Swaddlers! 

2) Wipes- I am super picky about a lot of things but wipes aren't one of them. I do like the water wipes the best though! 

3) Noise Machines- this is the one we have in Easton's nursery and it is the best thing in the WORLD! You want to create an environment they are comfortable in when they go to sleep. They are used to being inside your belly which is as loud as a vacuum 24 hours a day according to Taking Cara Babies! We also love this one for traveling! 

4) Car Seat- we love our Uppababy Mesa. It is has energy absorbing foam making it more comfortable for baby and moisture wicking fabric to keep baby cool in any environment. 

5 ) Jammies/ comfy clothes- our favorites are zipper ones like these, gowns and magnetic ones! We learned in the beginning snaps are the devil lol. 

6) Pacifier- Easton is not a big pacifier baby but he will suck on one for a couple minutes to soothe himself then he spits it out. He only likes these

7) Monitor- now that Easton is sleeping in his own room, I want to check on him 24/7. We have so much peace of mind with the Owlet Cam + Sock The sock tells us his oxygen levels as well as his heart rate and will alert us if anything is wrong. 

8) Swing - this is probably of of the top 5 questions I'm asked. Easton has always loved his swing but we just got him this one and he loves it even more because the mobile spins on it's own and there's a mirror for him to look at himself. 

9) Burp Cloths- you will need one of these on you 24/7 lol. Especially if you have a baby with bad reflux like Easton! 

10) Dockatot- this was probably our number one product in the first few weeks. It's the perfect "docking" station. Easton loved sleeping in his. It is super cozy and easy to takes places for traveling! 

11) Ubbi Diaper Pail- we had a normal trash can then finally got the Ubbi and it was the best decision. You are changing a ton of poopy diapers and it starts getting stinky so with this you literally don't smell any poop! #win

12) Bathtub- Easton has always loved baths but I attribute it to the fact that this bathtub is so awesome. It sits the baby up so that you can have most of their body underwater so they won't be cold! 

13) Velcro or zipper swaddles- Easton started out in this one which was amazing (love the velcro). But recently he has been sleeping in this one and he loves his hands being up so it's perfect. 

14) Boppy- this is not only a great nursing pillow but it is also a great lounging pillow. I feed Easton every morning with it then will prop him up on it and read him books and show him his black and white pictures, etc. 

15) Breast Pump- if you are planning on breast-feeding I have the Medela Pump in Style and love it! 

16) Diaper Bag- I have a few different diaper bags but my favorite is this one. It is so chic and I love the backpack style! It has tons of pockets and lots of storage room. 

17) Taking Cara Babies- I need to write an entire separate blog post on this. This class changed our lives. It helped Easton sleep completely through the night! Cara for President! 

18) Stroller- we tested out TONS of different strollers and kept coming back to this one. It glides so nicely and has a bassinet, toddler seat and our carseat fits on it too! I have tons of stories on my Instagram showing more in depth details! It's under the "Stroller" highlight! 

19) Wrap- this one is by far our favorite. We tried three others before this. It is super easy to use by yourself and it's very comfortable. 

20) Blanket- when Easton was little we wrapped him in swaddle blankets 24/7 it felt like but now anywhere we go we use this one and he loves it. It is so soft!

These are the products that have worked best for our family! Each baby is different. I just want to be a source for you guys and try to help any other new mamas! Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions about any of the products. They are all linked below for you to shop! XO

My Favorite Hair Products

February 5, 2020

What's up babes! Happy hump day! It is Wednesday right? #mombrain. Anyways, I had a few requests to show what are my favorite hair products and then when I showed I bought this waver in my Amazon haul last week you all wanted to see how it works! If you want more details on that, go check out my stories! My instagram is linked HERE. But if you want to know what I use let me tell ya! These are also in order the way I use them! 

Shampoo & Conditioner // I am currently using Raw Sugar Living Moisture Smoothie. They are paraben and sulfate free and safe for colored hair. Plus the coconut smell is super yummy. I wash my hair every 2-4 days depending on how oily it looks. Extensions have helped my hair a ton (I used to have to wash it every day!)

Miracle Leave In // So I have been using this for YEARS. I am obsessed with It's a 10 and I think their products are great. After I get out of the shower I rub about a dime, sometimes quarter size through my hair. It eliminates tangles, adds shines, controls frizz, literally everything. This is a MUST HAVE. 

Hair Brush // I have also been using this for years. The wet brush is freaking amazing. I use it on my wet and dry hair! 

Hair Dryer // I use the T3 hair dryer. I know it's pricey but it seems to dry my hair faster and obviously I love that it's white and chic looking! I have seen these at Costco for A LOT cheaper than online btw. 

Dry Shampoo // Love this one. I like that they have different hair colors (blonde, brunette, red, etc.). I get the divine dark! I actually spray it in my CLEAN hair for volume. They obviously use it when it's dirty too, lol. 

Heat Protectants // I used this one in my hair tutorial today. It works great and I love the smell. But I also wanted to share this one that I use! It's important to use a heat protectant to prevent damage when using hot tools on your hair. 

Hair Waver // With over 990 reviews, this waver is amazing. Such a fun cute way to switch up your normal hairstyle! Loveeee it. 

Below is a photo from today after I used the waver! I still need to practice more but overall, I think it's cute! DM me if you have any questions on anything I posted! XO

How I Overcame Postpartum Depression

January 23, 2020

Skirt: Chicwish c/o
Tank: Motherhood Maternity, similar here
Bralette: Free People
Sandals: Nordstrom, similar here
Necklace: Evereve
Boho cuff: Victoria Emerson c/o

I have so many photos I never posted from when I was pregnant so I wanted to share these with you guys. I miss this warm weather and loved these easy outfits. I loved tying a tank over to the side and pairing it with a fun skirt like this one from Chicwish. They have so many cute leopard pieces I will link below for you guys. 

This is one of the most personal posts I have ever written. I debated back and forth about sharing. I am being very vulnerable but I hope that this might help other mamas who have felt the same. Let me start off by saying "Postpartum Depression" is defined as a 'type of mood disorder associated with childbirth that can affect both sexes.

Symptoms may include:
- extreme sadness
- low energy
- anxiety
- crying episodes
- irritability or changes in sleeping or eating patterns
- brain fog
- lack of motivation
- feelings of guilt, inadequacy or worthlessness
- physical discomforts like muscle aches or headaches
- irritability or agitation
- lashing out at others
- fear of not being a good mom or dad

Just because you have Postpartum Depression does not mean you are "depressed." I feel like this is the biggest misconception.

Also I do want to say, this is my personal experience as a new mom. I'm not saying what I do is the best or trying to tell you what to do, I just want to share and help.

When we brought Easton home from the hospital, the first few days were kind of like a high. We were so sleep deprived but we were so excited we finally had him. We would stay up all night and watch Twilight movies on end, we would both just stare at him and we both thought we had to be up when he was- which was all night, lol. We honestly didn't know what the hell we were doing (first time parents).

I have said from the beginning I wanted to breastfeed which I'm proud to say I've made it 11 weeks and 2 days in counting and am still going lol. I love it. However in the very beginning (it's weird saying "the beginning" because it still is but you know what I mean), he was eating every hour it felt like. As much as Justin wanted to help, there was really nothing he could do. I would feed Easton, lay him down, go take a shower then he wanted to eat again, it was completely normal for a baby but I was exhausted.

I remember one night I was up feeding him at 12am, 1am, 2am, 3am, 5am and 7am. I woke Justin up crying because I was so mentally and physically exhausted. I want to be the best mom I can be to my child but as a functioning human, I need a little sleep, ya know?

I would nurse him and look down and just start crying. I was so extremely beyond over the moon happy I finally had my baby but I felt like I was "sucking" as a mom. Or so I thought. I was anxious, googling everything, questioning everything I did, comparing myself to other moms and their babies, it made me so sad.

Once I became a mom it was like a gained a new piece in my heart. I started noticing every mom and their babies. I saw complete strangers differently. I remember seeing a mom by herself pushing a grocery cart with a baby carrier while trying to hold her toddler and her purse. I was driving but I just thought why is no one helping her?? I would have never noticed this prior to having Easton. It was amazing I was noticing other moms more but it just showed my emotions were working in overtime.

When the nurse talked to us about PP depression in the hospital, I told Justin and even thought "this will never happen to me." We have waited so long and this is all I've ever wanted.

We went to our first month checkup and they made me take a test. It was just a paper form with questions about Postpartum depression. And guess what....I tested positive. I hugged Justin and just cried. Why was I feeling this way? I love Easton so much?? None of this makes sense? I was not depressed. I was tired. I was overwhelmed. I was anxious. I was emotional. Plus having a baby in the dead of winter in Ohio where it gets dark at 4:30-5 isn't exactly dream "baby time". I wanted to take walks with him, go visit friends, etc. and we literally couldn't leave the house because it was so freezing.

Our doctor said he could prescribe me with a SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). This would be used as an antidepressant. This is not the route I wanted to take. I was put on one in high school which led to me continuing to take it in college and it really messed with my hormones. The second I knew I wanted to have a baby I stopped taking it and have never wanted to be on any since.

I told the doctor no and instead Justin and I talked about other things I could do to make me feel better. I started taking Vitamin D everyday, I started making time to do something for myself everyday even if it was taking a walk or going to Target, I started journaling everyday and I downloaded the "Calm" app.

The number one thing that helped me get through the PP depression was support. Talking to friends, family and other moms. Once I started talking about it and doing the other things listed above I felt like a new human. I think a lot of moms are afraid to talk about this topic on social media because they don't want judged. You already get judged by how you raise your child and the last thing you want people to think about you is that you are a loose cannon.

I am here to tell you, there's not one mom out there that is "perfect." And guess what? That's perfectly fine! Your baby does not need you to be perfect, they just need you. You are amazing and your little one is soooo lucky to have YOU as a mama. Give yourself grace girlfriend. You are not alone. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here! XO

Thank you so much to Chicwish for sponsoring today's post! 

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