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Easton's 4 month favorite things

March 26, 2020

I love doing updates on Easton and thought it would be fun to share some of his current favorite things! He is 4 months and 23 days to be exact. What are your babies loving right now? Send me a DM and let's chat here on my Instagram!


1).  Sit up seat: Easton loves this so much. We got it for him when he was 3 months and I really believe it has helped his head and neck strength. The print we have is not currently available but when it is I'll link it for you guys! 

2). Crinkle book: He is obsessed. There's a little red bird on the second page and he loves looking at her lol. He is super into touching everything and loves to crinkle this! He also loves this book! He smiles so big every time we read it to him! 

3). Playmat: This has been amazing! We do tummy time on it, we loves laying on it. It's perfect for any type of play on the ground. Our print is sold out but they are restocking soon! Linked their other most popular one! Thank you so much again YAY! mats (this was gifted to us). 

4). Jumper: This is hilarious. Watch my video here of Easton really getting it! This is fun for him and also a great way to extend his wake time. It also gets him more tired! We got the one with a stand because we didn't really have a good doorway to hang one in! 

5). Ball: This ball is legit! They also make a rattle. He loves it because he can grab it and he shakes it. It has really helped with his hand eye coordination. He's been playing with it for over a month. 

6). Blanket: This is Easton's favorite blankie as we call it! It feels like my Barefoot Dreams blanket. So soft! Check out their Instagram here! 

7). Swing: He loves watching the mobile spin around. We love this one because it has different sounds and there's a little mirror so he can look at himself! 

8). Play gym: We were gifted this adorable play gym from Poppyseed Play and it not only is the cutest but Easton loves it! You can hang other toys on it as well. 

9).  Boppy: I cannot even explain how much we use this. I use it to feed him (I'm breastfeeding), he lays on it under his play gym, he'll lay on it on the couch when we read him books, he loves it! Number one thing from his favorite things! 

10). Light up activity bar: This is amazing for tummy time! It keeps his attention and he likes patting it! 

Thanks for reading! Hope you babes have a good day! Xo 

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  1. He’s the BEST!! He is BLESSED with the BEST mama and daddy



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