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5 Date Night Ideas + A Date Night Outfit

January 30, 2018

Earrings: Lisi Lerch c/o Cami: H&M Cardigan: Chicwish c/o Bag: Gucci Jeans: Boohoo (ONLY $29!) c/o Shoes: Steve Madden

Looking for the perfect date night outfit? I've got you covered! This pom pom cardigan was one of Chicwish's bestsellers and you need it!! After I shot it, I took a few instastories and so many people dm'ed me about it! I wear my Chicwish sweaters to work a lot and everyone LOVES them. I linked a few of my favs below. I typically stick to neutral colors so I paired it with my lacy black cami and black pumps + some killer boyfriend jeans For a little color I added these light pink earrings that are my favorite. I wasn't sure how I felt about boyfriend jeans but I have a couple pairs now and I LOVE them. They are my favorite with pumps. How do you guys feel about them?

Also I thought it would be fun to share some of Justin and I's favorite date night ideas! It's true when you get married things get a lot busier but if you love someone, you will always make time for them. So here are a few of our favorite things to do when we have date night together:

1) Dinner & a movie! We loveeee going to the movies and bringing our own diet pop and getting popcorn. YUM. Justin loves superhero movies and he has got me into them but I still always try to talk him into chick flicks!
2) Double Date Night....we love trying new dinner spots with our good friends Olivia & Jake!  
3) Sporting Event. We recently just went to a Cavs game and it was SO much fun!
4) Wine Tasting. Or if you don't like wine, you could do beer, or coffee if you don't drink! You might just be hyper all night, lol. 
5) Comedy Club, these are so much fun!

* Bonus....concerts are ALWAYS great date night ideas! 

Photography: Photo 243

Thank you to Chicwish for sponsoring today's post! 

A Letter To My Mom

January 25, 2018

Hi Mom ♡

Did you know that everyday something happens that reminds me of you and I smile? Just yesterday someone was telling a story about writing notes and I said how you always used to write me notes in my lunch for school and I always loved opening my lunch because I knew there would be a note in there. Did you know that I still remember the nights you would come home from working all day then going to waitress at night because you wanted to have extra money to make sure we had the best life possible? Did you know I always knew you were the best mom I could ever ask for?

From standing on the sidelines every game I cheered at, to telling every single person about my blog everywhere you go, you have never stopped being my number one. You have always been Mom and Dad to Alyx and I and have showed us more love that we could have ever asked for. I know I have made tons of mistakes but through all of my failures you were still always there supporting me.

I will never be able to repay you or show you my gratitude for how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. You are truly an angel and I am so lucky to have you. I love you so much mom. Happy Birthday.



How to Connect with Bloggers

January 15, 2018

If you've been on Instagram lately, you'll see that best friend pics and girls collaborating with other girls are killing it right now. I know I used to be extremely introverted and I still am a little but I thought it would be fun to share with you guys how to connect with other bloggers.

When I first started blogging a little over two years ago I was so envious when I would see blogger meet ups and bloggers hanging out with other bloggers. I always wondered how do they all know each other? I mean Columbus isn't huge but it isn't small. 

Here are some tips that I think will help you as they helped me:

- Follow other bloggers that have the similar niche as you & engage with them (show them love whether it's through their posts or stories or even share one of their blog posts!)
- Reach out to bloggers in your area and ask about getting coffee/lunch
- Promote other bloggers (example: follow Friday on Instagram stories is where you encourage your readers to follow other accounts) 
- Plan meet ups/events, you can collaborate with one of your favorite stores and invite tons of bloggers in your area. This is a great way to connect! 
- Join Facebook groups (a couple I am in are: Reward Style Bloggers, The Savvy Social Community and I'm So Blogging This!) 
- Attend a blogger conference (I want to go to Create and Cultivate in LA so bad!)
- Attend New York Fashion Week (this could be an entire post on it's own but ANYONE can go, no matter how big or small you are on social media)
- Search your locations hashtag (for example: your area code + blogger, #614blogger is mine)
- Email them! (this seems so simple but anytime I receive an email from another blogger or reader I respond no matter what)
- Offer to give more than you take. For example, I was listening to a podcast a couple days ago and the girl being interviewed said she collaborates with her friends frequently. She says she offers to help them on Instagram because she is killing it on there (she has 19 million followers, not kidding) and they will offer to help her with another platform that maybe she isn't as popular on. 

I honestly have met so many girls in Columbus since I started blogging through all of these tips and I know they will help you too! PS- speaking of these tips, I am going to use one now :)

* Shoutout to Olivia Zwayer from @alifetoliv, she planned this shoot, take pictures and she's been one of the coolest girls I've met in Cbus!

* Shoutout to Lindsay Marie from @lindsayxxmarie, we got ready at her house all day and she is a YouTube superstar! You guys have to go check her out. 

* Last but MOST DEFINITELY not least, shoutout to this babe @madddietorrres for killing it with our hair! She is so talented and if you are in the Columbus area, you need to book your next hair appointment with her.

My outfit details: Dress- Old, Aldo, similar here
Lindsay's outfit details: Jumpsuit- Express
Olivia's outfit details: Dress- Express

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