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Uppababy Vista Stroller Review

October 21, 2020

I am finally sharing details and a review on our Uppababy Vista stroller! Easton just turned 11 months and we use it everyday. When we first got pregnant, picking a stroller was huge for us. There are so many out there and I wanted to make sure we chose one that not only worked for us in the beginning but that we could keep and use for awhile. We went to Buy Buy Baby and tested out a few. As soon as we both pushed the Uppababy Vista we were like, this is it. 

This stroller is legit the Mercedes of strollers. It glides and is so easy to push. People ask all the time what my thoughts are on it and I am freakin obsessed with it. 

It is beautiful to start out with. I loved how sleek and chic it looked. It has a beautiful leather handlebar, a ventilated canopy and extendable UPF 50 sunshade, which keeps your babe cool and comfortable. It's very aesthetically pleasing and that is one thing I love about it.     

When Easton was a newborn, we had the bassinet attachment on the stroller and he loved it. He would fall asleep on walks. And during the "witching hour" we would push him around the house (winters are so cold in Ohio). 

I love how easy it is to change out the attachments. I wanted something that would be super easy to do by myself. I love how lightweight it is and you just have to push one little clip to unfold it and pop it in the trunk. 

He is in the toddler attachment now which is just crazy to me because I don't see him as a toddler yet. He'll always be my baby! It's cool because it has a recline. It also has a vented peekaboo window which he has recently loved because he can look back at me while we walk and puts his hand up to mine. 

We have the MESA car seat and it attaches perfectly. I did a few stories sharing how easy the stroller is to use because it is insanely easy. Everything is one click! 

If you're like me and a busy mom with a bunch of stuff you will love the extra large, easy access basket with a 30 lb weight limit. This is great to hold your diaper bag, toys, purse, shopping bags, etc. 

I see more babies in our future and I love that this stroller can turn into a double! I love that it grows with your family! Our entire family loves this stroller and I would recommend it to anyone! You can click below to shop our favorite Uppababy products. 

This post was sponsored by Uppababy. All opinions are my own. 

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