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Easton's 14 month update

February 9, 2021

 I wanted to be that mom that had an update every month to look back on but honestly this year has just flown and I have slacked. Below is a huge update on Easton who just recently turned 15 months February 3rd. 

I have everything from updates, milestones, his current schedule, how we transitioned from the bottle, his favorite things, some "firsts", his personality and how we transitioned from two naps to one. I know right- holy crap. Hope you have a snack! Speaking of snacks, I'm going to do a separate blog post on his what he eats, meal ideas, etc. 

Updates & Milestones:

- Easton started walking at 13 months & now he practically runs (everything we have used to baby proof is linked here!)

- 24lbs and 31.5" tall 

- wears 18 month clothing and is in between a size 4 & 5 shoe

- size 4 diapers (we love Pampers Swaddlers)

- claps for himself 

- has recently really started loving Emmy & Frankie (our dogs) and plays hide and seek with them 

- loves emptying drawers and making messes lol 

- can shoot his basketball in his basketball hoop

- loves bath time (we typically do every other day) but has started wanting to stand by the faucet which of course freaks me out lol

- blows kisses

- loves Cocomelon ( we barely do any screen time but I'm becoming more chill about it)

- knows where his: head, eyes, nose and tongue are 

- says Dada, yay & waves bye (really making me wait for mama!), working on speech + sign language

- loves to eat but has started to become picky at lunch 

- getting his molars in, he has 10 teeth 

- LOVES his lovey 

- has started opening doors 

- makes animal noises (puppy, bear, kitty kat) 

- sleeps 7/8pm - 7/7:30am

- started swim class again once a week, I'm looking into other fun things for him (music, gymnastics, etc.) 

- loves "cheers-ing"

- just got his first haircut! 

Current Schedule:

7-7:45am wake up (we don't wake him but it's typically always around this time) & whole milk out of a straw cup 

8:30am breakfast 

10am snack 

11:30am lunch 

12-12:30pm goes down for nap

Nap is anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours (haven't made it to the 3 hour mark yet)

3pm whole milk out of a straw cup & snack after 

5:30-6pm dinner 

6:30pm bath 

7pm bedtime (which includes bottle of milk, going to wean the bottle completely soon) 

Bottle Transition:

I exclusively breastfed Easton for a little over 12 months. He had a few bottles of breastmilk in a bottle during that time (if Justin fed him/my mom/etc). So when Easton weaned himself from breastfeeding (full blog post about that here) we started giving him milk from a bottle. I didn't think it would be a hard transition at all because he never really drank from a bottle and wasn't attached but I was wrong. He loved the bottle. Mostly because he could tip it back and fling it around when he drank it. Luckily I found a few cups he really likes. Here are the cups we use! I am going to do a full review on them soon. 

He gets milk 3x a day. Our doctor recommended 16-20oz of cows milk a day and we give him three 7oz cups a day. He always leaves an oz or two typically. When we first transitioned I took away the afternoon bottle and replaced it with a cup. After a couple days I did that with the morning bottle. He is doing great even though he was reluctant at first. Currently he still gets one bottle at nighttime but we will wean that soon. 

Favorite Toys/ Things to do (I'll link it all below!)

- listening to music / dancing (his favorites are The Weeknd, Mandisa & Baby Shark), we love our Echo Dot

- read books (he loves lift the flap books and I just got him these poke a dot books)

- looking out the window / banging on it lol 

- play with his kitchen sink 

- puzzles 

- his musical instrument set

 - ride his 4 wheeler 

- ball pit

- sit in his comfy chair & eat his snack 

- play with the remote & watch Cocomelon 

- doing laps around the kitchen with Frankie (our dog)


- being sick (he had Croup at 14 months)

- being away from me & Justin for a full day (10-6pm he went to my sisters)

- throwing a tantrum in public (he lost his sh*t the other day at Target when we were checking out)

- goose egg bruise (he just fell a couple days ago & has a big bruise on his forehead 


- he's honestly so sweet, he leans into us and gives hugs and kisses 

- he just started to be "clingy" (like wants mama/dada)

- very inquisitive / super nosey 

- he loves joking, he'll go to hand you something and take it back and laugh

-  can definitely be moody if he's tired / hungry (wonder who he gets that from...guilty) 

- he definitely understands "no" and will look at us when he knows he shouldn't be doing something to see our reaction 

- he sits with his feet crossed when he eats and I love it 

Nap Transition (two to one)

I'll be honest I held onto to two naps for as long as possible but he was showing us multiple signs he was ready for one nap (the biggest was that he started refusing to take his second nap or when he would take it, it would only be 30 minutes). He started this right around 13-14 months. 

I read this blog post and it was super helpful. To sum it up we just started pushing his first nap later and later until we hit the 12pm mark. When he did two naps he would nap at 10am but when we started transitioning we did a few days at 10:30, a few days at 11am then eventually got to noon. 

Easton at his 15 month old check up! 

I love sharing things with you about Easton. Being a mom is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. I feel like I'm leaving information out but if I think of anything else I'll add it in! Let me know on Instagram if you have any other questions. I love hearing from you guys! xx

Easton's turns ONE!

January 13, 2021

How is our baby one?! Long overdue but finally getting Easton's birthday party blog post up. He turned one on November 3rd and we had the best little small get together for him with our close family and friends. The theme was 'Easton's 1st Trip Around the Sun' so he wore an astronaut costume and I used a lot of space themed decor. Our vendors were absolutely amazing and if you are local to Columbus I would highly recommend all of them. 


Venue- Flat 51

Planner- Me & MMJ Events

Decor- Aiden & Grace

Balloons- Young & Wild with Three

Cookies- The Pinke

EASTON light up letters- BGE Balloons

Charcuterie table- MF Charcuterie

Astronaut costume

Photographer- Kandid with Kate

Flat 51 was such a gorgeous venue. It was a beautiful, perfect open space. It was so clean and had great lighting. Meleka from MMJ Events helped me plan the party and decorate with her other company Aiden and Grace. She is so talented! Highly recommend. 

Erin from Young Wild and Three is not only the sweetest but she killed it with the balloon arches. I love her personal larger balloons she made also. Because the party was in the afternoon and was after lunch we served snacks and drinks. I love a good charcuterie table. That's what we had for my baby shower so I knew I wanted that for Easton's party too. But MF Charcuterie made my dreams come true and created a kid friendly charcuterie table for Easty and his friends. 

For desserts, Elizabeth designed custom Easton's 1st Trip Around the Sun cookies. She even made a couple cookies of Easton and one of the three of us! The best thing about these cookies is not only were they beautiful, they were delicious! 

BGE Balloons set up the coolest marquee light up letters that spelled EASTON. These were a showstopper for sure. My friend Kate came and took the photos for the party and they were beautiful, she does such a good job! 

For favors I made Easty's friend suitcases to take on their trip with him to the sun! I got little custom tattoos with Easton's face on them for the kiddos and filled the suitcases with stickers, kazoos and bubbles. I got little little boarding passes for their "trip" and printed them off then added photos of all the kids and laminated them. 

Easton had a great time and I loved how the party turned out. I just need time to slow down now so my baby can stay little! 

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