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7 Things I do to make me happy

October 25, 2018

Cardigan: Chicwish c/o
Cami: BP, similar here
Belt: Asos, similar here
Bag: Gucci
Necklaces: The Sis Kiss c/o Use code HEART15 for a discount
Earrings: Madewell

One thing that for sure makes me happy is this gorgeous cardigan I just recently got from Chicwish. You guys know I'm not much of a color person but this was just too pretty I couldn't pass it up. It's getting chillier in Ohio and I love the Fall temperatures. Chicwish has so many cute sweaters and coats right now up on their site for the cooler temps, you guys need to check them out! On another note, I woke up and had a really good morning so I wanted to share with you guys some things I personally do that make me happy! 

1- Work out. Even if I'm super tired or just not feeling it,  I feel so much better after I workout. Plus- I personally feel better when I look better. 

2- Organize. Yesterday was my day off and I took most of the day to do things I've been putting off but needed to do. I organized all of my jewelry, my closet, office and some things for my blog. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders last night when I went to sleep! 

3- Spend time with family- I'm trying to be better at balancing family life vs. blog life because ultimately my family is my number 1! Nothing makes me happier than being with them! 

4- Eat healthy- Do I enjoy donuts and hamburgers? Absolutely I do. But do I feel good after I eat them? No I feel like shit. I feel the best when I am sticking to a healthy lifestyle plan and eating things that are good for me and taste good too! 

5- Donate. I recently took some things to the Perry County Dog Shelter and you guys my heart literally broke. I started bawling the second I walked in. SO many dogs need homes and they all just looked like they wanted out so bad. I got to meet all of them and walked one. I made a promise I would be donating at least once a month whether it's to a dog shelter, women's shelter, etc. It opens your eyes so much and makes you never want to complain about anything. 

6- Buy flowers. I know this seems so stupid but after I clean up my house and put out fresh flowers I get so happy. Kroger and Trader Joes both have really good flowers! 

7- Light a candle. I just recently had a press trip with Bath and Body Works and girllllllll it was literally the best ever. They let us pick out whatever candles we wanted and I told Justin it was like Guy's Grocery Games (if you've ever seen that show) I was just smelling and grabbing everything I could. I am a candle loverrrr. But it's funny I only like certain ones lit at certain times. If I come home from work and Justin has lit a new candle I 'm like I was waiting to light that! lol. He thinks I'm nuts. It's fine, welcome to married life. 

What do you do that makes you happy?

Thank you so much to Chicwish for sponsoring today's post! 

Photography: Kandid with Kate

How I became a blogger

October 9, 2018

Earrings: Madewell
Tank: H&M
Sweater: Chicwish c/o
Bag: Foley and Corinna c/o 
Jeans: Express
Booties: Vince Camuto, similar here

As I get older, it's so much easier to appreciate the little things in life like the Starbucks reusable coffee tumbler I'm holding for $2! I love when I find things like that for such a good deal. I asked you guys on my stories whether you would want to hear how I became a blogger or my current amazon order and they were almost 50/50 but this one won. I can talk about my amazon order later. 

It's actually hot in Ohio right now so not a great time for my favorite "sweater weather" but once it is I love the way this sweater looks off the shoulder. It has a little girly detail and I love the sleeves. I have tons of things on my want list from Chicwish right now, I will link them below! 

This is actually perfect timing writing this post because my "3 year blog anniversary" is in November! I went to Ohio State and majored in Fashion and Retail Merchandising. I always knew I wanted to do something in fashion! After college, I had multiple interviews at L Brands (known for Victoria's Secret, Bath + Body Works, La Senza, etc.), DSW and Abercrombie & Fitch. After not getting hired and getting let down time and time again I decided to start a separate Instagram from my personal one for fun. 

I started buying clothes weekly and having Justin take iPhone photos of me in front of our neighborhood (yes we got lots of looks, lol). After about 4 months of posting a company reached out to me and asked if they could send me a dress in exchange for a post. I was literally like WHAT?! This is crazy, of course you can! Once I realized this is what bloggers actually did I hired someone to build me a website. 

Once my website was live, I tried to post three blog posts a week. When I first started I didn't know the more you posted, the better traction you would get. So I was posting one Instagram a week, then the week after I would post 4. I was very inconsistent. I did this for about a year and a half before I realized I needed to get my shit together and make a plan. 

I think it's super important to try to post everyday on at least one social channel to grow. I loveeee my blog but I don't deem it necessary to have 3 blog posts up a week if I don't have "good" content to put out. I don't just want to write to say I have a post up, I want to write stuff that you guys will actually read. 

When I first started blogging I got made fun of in my hometown. People still are like, you are a what?! But more and more girls are starting to do it and I think that's awesome. You don't have to have tons of money or know someone to start a blog, you just have to have a passion. 

I'm not focused on whether I have x amount of followers anymore I just want to be organized and bring you guys content you want to see so you come back! I have a lot of things coming for my blog and I hope you'll stay tuned to see! Thanks so much for being supportive!! xo

Photography: Kandid with Kate

Thanks to Chicwish for sponsoring today's post! 

Current Favorite Instagram Inspo

October 3, 2018

Sunglasses: Warby Parker c/o
Sweater: Chicwish c/o
Bralette: Leander Boutique c/o, exact here
Pants: Lulus c/o, similar here for only $19
Bag: Gucci

This post is going to be about not only my favorite influencers, bloggers and instagrammers but my current favorite outfit. I recently got this sweater from Chicwish and it is so cute, I love it. I'm obsessed with everything Fall they have right now, I linked my favs below. Normally I would have left it open back but it was a little big so I wore a bralette because I didn't want my boobs to pop out while I was shooting in our most popular shopping area in Columbus, haha. 

I don't see myself as a super girly girl and that's what I think when it comes to gingham but these pants are seriously so chic and comfy. And I'm all about that comfy life! I am loving any neutral bootie right now (and always) so I paired them with my Jeffery Campbell booties! 

TOP 12 

* Nicole- she was my IG girl crush then we met in NY and it became my real life girl crush. She is as sweet in person as she is online and her feed is literally perfect. We both love neutrals so win win. Plus I love that she is a Christian. 

* Audrey- my friend Olivia told me about her! Her feed is literally my Pinterest/life goals coming to life. She is a photographer and a POET. Like how amazing? She's so talented.

* Racquel- I have followed her for so long and just think she's one of the most natural beauties on IG. I remember one time she did a makeup tutorial and it took two seconds because she barely wears any and doesn't need it. I love her travel photos! 

Vitaliia- how funny is this, I found her account through a Chicwish email! I saw her outfit and thought man I love how this girl styled this. So I checked out her IG and immediately followed. I LOVE her outfits. 

Romina- this Germany girl just screams edgy badass. I'm obsessed with all the boots she wears and how she poses. I N S P O to the max. 

Sivan- my friend Olivia told me about her and ever since I started following her...best decision. She has such a good sense of humor and truly doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks about her. That's what I love about her account! Plus she just had the cutest baby girl Capri ever. 

Tee- I have been following her for awhile. I love all of her detail shots and travel photos. 

Tara- I just recently started following her and I LOVE her account. She lives in Utah and her photos are amazing. She is super creative, I remember a photo she posted spitting out water and I loved it. Plus her long hair is goals. 

Jenn- Jenn is my GIRL. Plus it's her BIRTHDAY! If you aren't following her, go do it. Right now. We met in NYC and she's super down to earth and real. I love every outfit she wears and I wish she lived in Ohio so we could hang out 24/7 haha. 

Aylin- I have followed Aylin forevvvver. She is the neutral queen and her decor is amazing. I love how she shares tips about flowers on her stories because I always kill mine hahaha and decor styling tips. I just want her to come decorate for me :)

Steph- I just recently started following Steph and why wasn't I sooner?? She is fit AF and I'm obsessed with her style. 

Janice- with 1.3 million followers I am CERTAIN she will never see this but she is probably the prettiest human on IG. I remember when she posted a photo of her dog Mia and said she passed away and I literally cried. Her feed is incredible and I love all of her detail beauty shots. 

As you can tell all of these girls have a neutral, chic vibe and are CRAZY talented. I find inspo tons of places and Instagram is one of them. Who are you guys loving on IG?

Thank you so much to Chicwish for sponsoring today's post! 

Photography: Kate Smith

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