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2018 Goals & A Fluffy Coat

December 31, 2017

Coat: Chicwish c/o Sunglasses: Quay Sweater: SheIn (only $19!!) c/o Earrings: BP Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch Bag: Louis Vuitton Boots: Forever 21, obsessed with these here Gloves: Barbour

Hello 2018! If there is one thing I do not like it's being cold and guess what? I found the perfect solution.....this amazing fluffy coat from Chicwish! I'm not kidding when I was driving the other day I almost fell asleep because I was so cozy and warm...I know that's bad! But seriously when I shot this coat with my friend Olivia she felt it and was like omg I need it.  It is not only warm but its so cute and will go with literally almost any outfit. I also linked a few other coats I'm loving that they have right now! But I wanted to share with you guys a few of my personal goals for 2018. 

- Be more organized. Holy cow. This is actually something I have always prided myself in until recently. I have been slacking. 
- Plan out content in advance. This kind of goes along with being more organized. But I used to be so good about this. I have just gotten busier!
- Make health and fitness the focus. I workout every week but diet isn't well....the focus. And I need it to be considering I'm getting older. 
- Stop comparing myself to others. I started my blog as a hobby not to be the same as anyone else and I like that. I have my own style and I'm always changing my mind about what I want. 
- Gain more self confidence!!  I am very insecure and I need to learn to love myself. 

I have been so blessed so far and I know that 2018 is going to be my best year yet. I'm praying that good things are coming for my family, my blog and you! Cheers! xx

Thank you to Chicwish for sponsoring today's post!

Photography: Olivia Zwayer

The Best Christmas Gift

December 27, 2017

Sweater Dress: Chicwish c/o Earrings: BP Bag: Gucci Boots: Marshall's, similar Steve Madden (40% off)

How do I know I'm getting old? I literally used to not be able to sleep before Christmas because I couldn't wait to wake up to open presents. Trust me I still am a little kid when it comes to receiving packages from companies in the mail, I love it. Like this sweater dress from Chicwish. Aren't the pearl details the cutest? They have so many cute sweaters for this freezing weather we've been getting, I linked all my current favs below. But, this Christmas I couldn't sleep because I couldn't wait to get up to give my family their presents I got for them. 

I never understood why my Mom and Gram always told me all they wanted for Christmas was my time. Now that I'm getting older it's so clear to me. This year my favorite gifts I gave and received were the gifts of time. My husband got us a trip to Mexico. I cannot wait to relax just the two of us without any distractions. Justin also gave my mom and I trips to the spa to use together. We got my nephew an xbox but also a gift card to Build a Bear and told him we want to spend the day together. One of my favorite things about Christmas this year was my family played a ton of games and literally laughed until we cried. It was so much fun. 

Whether it's a phone call, a note, a small gift, do something for someone you love that takes time. I promise you it will be one of their favorite gifts. 

Thank you to Chicwish for sponsoring today's post! 

Photography: Photo 243

The Value of Your Brand

December 15, 2017

Earrings: Saks Off Fifth, similar here Sweater: Chicwish sold out, similar here c/o Jeans: Flying Monkey c/o Bag: Henri Bendel c/o Boots: Forever 21, almost identical here

Knowing the value in your brand is extremely important to succeed. In my case, my brand is me and what I love and truly believe in. Being a blogger, companies send me their products to use and post. I promised myself from the beginning that I would never post something no matter what I got if it was not on brand for me. 

Last week, a company and I agreed upon me posting their product to social media. I had not tried their product before (this was my mistake). But I signed the contract anyways. Upon receiving the product, I absolutely hated it. There was nothing I liked about it. However, I had signed a contract and they were paying me. I just knew I couldn't post it. I didn't want to share something with my readers that I knew myself I would never use again. I emailed them and shared my feelings. They were so nice and agreed that they wouldn't want me to post something I wasn't in support of as it would be inauthentic. 

I just want you guys to know that even though one company says yes they will pay you, don't just say yes if you don't fully support their product. KNOW YOUR WORTH. Know the value of your brand. 

Photography: Photo 243

5 Things in my closet I can't live without

December 11, 2017

Cardigan: Chicwish c/o Earrings: Lisi Lerch c/o Tank: Leander Boutique c/o Bag: Chelsea 28 (now 50% off!) Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch

While I love reading about this sweater under $30 and my go to fall outfit, I really want to try to write more meaningful posts that will catch your guys' attention in 2018. That is one of my goals and I'm trying to start a little early. If you saw my post on Friday, I wrote about how to write a killer IG bio. Today I wanted to share my 5 top items I cannot live without in my closet currently. Drumroll please......

1) This black cardigan from Chicwish. It is so warm and I love the sleeve details. I have already worn it a few times and always get so many compliments on it!

2) My Gucci Marmont bag. If you follow me on Instagram you probably think it's the only bag I own, lol. I can't help it I'm OBSESSED

3) High waisted dark denim jeans. My current favs are these! I also love Flying Monkey and Express. 

4) Lace Camis- you can wear these under anything. They are the perfect layering tool. 

5) Lisi Lerch Earrings. I was just introduced to these by a PR company and they are so so cute. My favorite earrings right now, I love them. 

I linked some other sweaters I'm loving from Chicwish below. As you guys know they have my favorite clothes so of course I wanted to share! Happy Monday xx

Thank you to  Chicwish for sponsoring today's post. 

Photography: Photo 243

How To Create A Killer IG Bio

December 6, 2017

First of all, shoutout to my girl Olivia from @alifetoliv for taking these photos. She has an amazing camera and we had so much fun the other day shooting around downtown Columbus. 

Since many brands can't meet you in person, they do the next best thing- check out your social media, duh. A super easy way to land a brand collaboration is by having a killer Instagram Bio. Here are some of my main tips:

1) Grab my attention. I get so bored when I see "fashion, travel, lifestyle blogger" on every single bloggers pages. 
2) Add a personal touch.- examples: obsessed with vanilla lattes, lover of bulldogs, dislikes split ends. SOMETHING that I might relate to. 
3) Tell you followers what you can do for them. On my bio right now I have- "hoping to be your daily fashion inspo."
4) ALWAYS have your email listed. I can't tell you how many times I have gone to look for a blogger to invite her to an event and she doesn't have her email in her bio. This is how brands connect with you girls! People love the easiest way possible to do things and this is one of them. 
5) Link your website. This will help drive traffic, help with collaborations and show brands what your work really looks like. 

*** One more thing, your bio IS NOT going to appeal to everyone and guess what, that's fine! Because you want to stand out from the crowd. You want a brand to pick you because you aren't like everyone else :)

I hope this helped. I know it was kind of a different post than I normally do but that's one of my goals for the new year. Do you have anymore tips? I would love to hear in the comments! xoxo

My outfit details: Tank- BP, similar WAYF Cardigan- Leander Boutique c/o Jeans- Mott & Bow c/o (I'm not wearing the black, I'm wearing Dark Blue)  Earrings- Lisi Lerch c/o Bag- Henri Bendel c/o Shoes- Nordstrom

Photography: Olivia Zwayer

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