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10 Ways to Make Money Blogging

March 7, 2018

Hat: Forever 21 Shirt: Forever 21 (only $17!)  Bag: Forever 21, similar here Jeans: Boohoo c/o Boots: Forever 21, similar here

Ok first things first, how do you guys feel about this baker boy hat? I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and try something different...so here it is! lol. I have gotten some questions on how I make money blogging. People are often confused that this is my actual job and not just a hobby. So if you are curious too or if you are looking to start a blog, here is how you can make money:

1) Sponsored Posts: This is definitely my biggest income. When I pitch a company or they email me about a sponsored post, it means I will showcase their product on my blog and or social channels in exchange for the product and compensation.

2) Affiliate Programs: Bloggers make a percentage of their monthly income through Affiliate Programs. If you don't know what this means it refers to companies such as Reward Style and Shopstyle that allow you to make a percentage of your sales that you link through them. Other companies such as Amazon offer affiliate programs too. So whenever I link what I'm wearing and my readers click on the link, even if they don't purchase that exact item I will make money as long as they check out on my link. So whenever you find a blogger you love, purchase through their links to help support them! 

3) Agencies :  You can be represented by an agency and your agent will help you gain sponsored posts in exchange for a percentage of each deal you receive. 

4) Social Media Consulting : I recently started social media consulting. I have done this for a few friends in the past and they are doing amazing so I thought why not start this as a side income. If you are interested, message me! I will evaluate whatever social media platform my client needs then we have weekly meetings to help them prosper. 

5) Advertising: Ads are a great way to make money also! Through your website you can charge for ads. You can also run Facebook and Instagram ads that help get your posts seen more which in turn leads to more payoffs. 

6) Coaching: Lots of bloggers make money from teaching blogging courses or how to's. This goes along with social media consulting. I know one of my favorite bloggers Hello Fashion Blog is currently coaching girls through FaceTime to help them. 

7) Events: A lot of companies will pay you to attend events. If you are traveling or speaking at the event both of these are great ways to negotiate payment. 

8) Press Trips: Justin and I are going on our first press trip this month to Cancun! While I am so so excited, press trips are hard work. I will not be lounging on the beach sipping pina coladas the whole time. I'll be waking up early, shooting content, Insta-storying, etc. I am not complaining, free travel is absolutely amazing and a goal I have had for a long time! 

9) Video Production: Video has been getting bigger and bigger. Almost every blogger has a YouTube now a days and a ton of brands are asking for video when collaborating. The good thing about video is you can negotiate more because it takes a lot more time. 

10) Sponsored Giveaways: This is when you work with a brand to promote a giveaway that benefits both of you. 

I would love to hear any feedback on how you felt about this post! I am going to add a "Blogging" tab to my blog so these are easier posts to find! :)

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  1. Great tips girl and I love your outfit! Looks like it was a fun shoot! Xoxo

  2. I'm so excited for your Cancun trip! SO many congrats love. Hugs, Kait

  3. I love Forever 21. Awesome outfit. I love the t-shirt.

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