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10 Nursing Must Haves

February 23, 2020

Hi girls! I have had a few of you request this post so I wanted to share the goods with you! I have been exclusively breastfeeding for 16 weeks now so I have learned what you really need! Here are my top 10 must haves:

1) Nursing bras- I have tried a few and these are my top favorites. My sister used them too. They are cute, super comfortable and look like sports bras. The snap is super easy! 

2) Nipple cream - this helps a ton in between feedings. Your nipples will be sore, cracked and may even bleed but if you keep a cream on them it will help them heal. I love this one because it's safe for baby and mama! 

3) Nursing pillow- I have used this since day one! It has truly helped out my back because it brings your baby closer to you so you aren't hunched over! Plus it is comfier for them! 

4) Cooling gel pads- these were amazing in the beginning. Nursing makes your boobs so tender and these help a ton! 

5) Nursing cover- I loveee this cover. How cute is the print? I love that you can use this multiple ways. It can be a carseat cover, nursing cover, shopping cart cover, stroller cover, etc. I always carry mine if I am breastfeeding in public. 

6) Pump- this is the pump I use and I love it. Always check with your insurance first before buying one because they covered ours! I started pumping to create a stash for if and when I'm ever not home and Justin has Easton! 

7) Nipple shields- I struggled with the pain in the very beginning so my lactation consultant recommended these and helped a ton! After a couple weeks I tried without them and it didn't hurt anymore. 

8) Burp cloths- Easton has acid reflux really bad so we pretty much wear a burp cloth on our shoulder or have one super close 24/7. But when I'm nursing I definitely need one to clean the milk off of his face and excess milk on my boob. 

9) Nursing tanks- these are great but I wear my nursing bra all the time so I don't wear my tanks a ton. I do like these though if I'm leaving the house and am feeding him in public.  

10) Nursing pads- you will leak and these are lifesaving. Milk has stained a lot of my shirts before I started using these and wearing my nursing bras 24/7, lol. 

Always make sure when you are nursing you drink tons of water and have snacks on hand because you will be very hungry! :) Hope this post helps! XO

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