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The Sh*t they don't tell you about pregnancy, labor & delivery

February 25, 2020

Cardigan: Chicwish c/o
Dress: Lulus, similar here
Bralette: Free People
Booties: Vince Camuto, similar here

Hey babes! I keep going through my archive of photos and finding some I never posted. I loved this chunky cardigan from Chicwish! I still wear it all the time. It's not maternity but it was perfect when I had a bump! They have the coziest pieces and I linked some of my favorite current sweaters and cardigans from them below! :)

My friend Emilee just had a baby and I went to visit her the other day. We were talking about everything no one tells you about pregnancy, labor and delivery! I told you guys on stories I thought this would be a fun blog post to write and maybe help some of you be more prepared?!

Let me also make sure I include these are from my experiences and yes I threw in a few from you guys. I know not one pregnancy, labor and delivery are the same so don't get your panties in a wad if you don't agree with me, lol. 

Things no one tells you about pregnancy:

1) As your pregnancy gets farther along, you literally have to pee on average 3-5x a night. And it sucks because it takes you awhile to get comfortable then you have to get up lol. 
2) How you will have to eventually ask your husband for help when you put on your shoes. 
3) How the farther along you get your husband is afraid to have sex with you because he might "poke the baby." 
4) If you experience heartburn, you will need tums by your side 24/7. 
5) How your boobs get out of control big and you will not be wearing a normal bra. I lived in bralettes. 
6) How actually hard it is to get pregnant. Most of you know we had infertility issues. I thought once I got off birth control I would get pregnant asap! That does not happen (for some like me). 
7) It might take you an entire episode of Friends to roll over and get comfortable enough to fall asleep when you hit the 8-9 month mark. 
8) You don't get this super cute bump right away. It's more like.....does that girl have a little food baby or has she just put on a few lbs? Someone actually said that to me one time. "I thought you just gained some weight!" No Linda. There's a baby in there. 
9) To listen to your intuition. If you feel like something isn't right, speak up. 
10) That "morning sickness" is actually afternoon and night sickness too!
11) Breathing is hard. 
12) You think you are exhausted, wait until the first couple weeks with the babe lol. 
13) It's actually so beautiful that we create and carry this baby and they grow inside of us. 
14) You do not have to run to the hospital the second you start having contractions, you can actually shower. 
15) That when they "check" you, they are pretty much sticking their whole hand up there. 
16) That you should take full of advantage of free time. Take long showers, lots of naps, go to the movies, read a book, go out to dinner, etc. 
17) How hard it is to keep quiet and not tell anyone the first few weeks. 
18) How INCREDIBLE it is the first time you feel your baby move and every time they do you grab your husband's hand to feel. 
19) Pack your hospital bag weeks in advance because you could (like me) deliver 2 weeks early. 
20) You might actually miss your bump and love being pregnant. 

Things no one tells you about labor & delivery:

1) THE SHAKES! Holy cow. After I got my epidural I could not stop shaking. Justin was like babe are you freezing? I was like no I cannot stop shaking?!
2) How the first moment you see your baby is the most amazing, best moment of your life. It was like time stopped for me. 
3) How the first few days you are on such a "baby high" you look back and wonder how you ever functioned on 2 hour of sleep. Everything they do is perfect and you just stare and smile forever.  
4) That contractions are so much worse than a period cramp lol. 
5) You should make a playlist for your delivery and have it playing. We did this and it relaxed me more, plus made all the emotions come out to play! 
6) Breastfeeding is hard and sometimes doesn't work when you first try. 
7) You have nurses and doctors coming in and out of your room it feels like 24/7 the day after you deliver. 
8) You truly need to focus on your breathing.
9) How crazy emotional you are the few weeks after you deliver, and it's normal. 
10) How they push on your stomach after you deliver. 
11) How PAINFUL the first poop you have is. Pretty sure I thought this was worse than the actual delivery. 
12) Postpartum feelings and feeling lonely when and if you are breastfeeding in the beginning. 
13) How is hurts to walk after. Attempting stairs is a chore. 
14) The first time you ride in the car you might hold yourself off the seat because it is so painful. 
15) Post-pregnancy hair loss. Just started experiencing this and it is not fun lol. 
16) You wear mesh underwear and icepacks in your underwear. 
17) You squirt hot water on your crotch and butt to help the healing. 
18) You get hemorrhoids. And have them for a while. 
19) How you bleed for a few weeks after. 
20) Sometimes your water does not break and they have to break it for you. 
21) Once you get your epidural, it is insane how much better you feel. We were listening to rap music and singing. 20 minutes before that I was pretty sure someone had put me in actual Hell. 
22) Your doctor may have to "vacuum" your baby out. 
23) You can do it even if you think you can't. You turn into superwoman. 
24) That if you want you can reach down and pull your baby out (I did this and it was INCREDIBLE).
25) That is hard to remember life before your little one because once you hold them you wonder how you ever lived life without them :)

 Thank you so much to Chicwish for sponsoring today's post! 


  1. I love all of this and it takes me instantly back to the hospital & all of the feels!!! I love you! Great post xo


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