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Working out With Fossil

March 1, 2017

Activity Tracker: Fossil c/o Sports Bra: Forever 21 (the cutest!!) Zip up: Forever 21, similar here Pants: Forever 21, similar here Shoes: Nike sold out in turquoise, available in other colors here

Happy Wednesday! I recently started wearing my new activity tracker from Fossil and it is so cool, not to mention cute! I love the mint color! It has a ton of features including taking pictures, tracking your sleep, tracking your steps, controlling your music and goal tracking. It also gives you notifications for social media, alarms, text, email and calendar alerts. I love that it's so small but it does so much. You can buy it here for under $100 and it comes in 5 other colors. Also have you guys checked out Forever 21's athletic section? Omg I bought so much the other day! They have the cutest sports bras and pants.

Photography: Photo 243


  1. I love being able to track my steps! I feel like it forces me to be more aware of it, which is never a bad thing. Loving your sports bra too.
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  2. Loving this! Tracking steps is such a good motivation for me!


  3. Love that chic fitness tracker!


  4. I loveee all of these pictures! You are such a fit and fab girl boss!

  5. I love this activity tracker! It is so slim and stylish. Wearing a tracker definitely makes me get up and walk more.


  6. I love all of the cute trackers these days! They look like bracelets! This one is super cute and so is your activewear!

  7. I did not know fossil even made something like this!! Thats so awesome. they look so chic instead of chunky and tacky!

  8. That has to be the cutest activity tracker band I've seen on the market. I would totally wear that!

    xo Sara |

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