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Cute Bathing Suits

May 11, 2016

Cute Bathing Suits

L Space swim top
$80 -

Forever 21 bathing suit

Cotton Candy underwire bra

How fun are these bathing suits?! I love the first one on top. Ruffles and off the shoulder are my fav! I'm currently soaking up the sun typing this post by the pool in California. I've never been here before and I'm obsessed with all of the palm trees! They are so gorgeous! Hope you guys are having a great day! Xo


  1. I'm in love with the ruffle/floral one piece! seriously considering it for the summer, great picks!

    Zoe |

  2. OMG! Where was this guide before my trip to Hawaii! I love this round up. Your favorite is also mine. I love everything high-waisted and off-the-shoulder. True swimsuit perfection!


  3. Aw thanks girl! I'm jealous you went to Hawaii!

  4. That cactus suit is adorable!!! Hugs, Kait


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