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5 Hairstyles to do when you're in between washes

November 5, 2018

I have teamed up with one of my favorite haircare brands Hair La Vie to show you guys 5 super easy hairstyles you can do when you're in between washes! I love that since I've been using Hair La Vie products I don't have to wash my hair everyday. They not only smell good but they use all natural ingredients to help cleanse your scalp which lets you not have to wash it everyday! They all took me under 2 minutes so I promise anyone can do them! 

Let me show you :)

1. LOW PONY - I achieved this look by first putting a dime size amount of the Hair La Vie serum on my ends to create a more polished, detailed look. It goes on light, you don't need a bunch and it helps tame frizz! I always tease the top a little and once I have my hair wrapped in the pony and pull it to make it look bigger. 

You can shop the serum I used here: Shop serum

2. HALF UP HALF DOWN- I created this look by teasing the top and pulling my desired amount I wanted to put half of my hair up. I pulled it again to create a messy, bigger look! 

3. HALF UP HALF DOWN BUN- This is so easy! Once you have your hair half up half down, I teased my hair and grabbed a couple bobby pins. I made a small bun and secured the hair with a few bobby pins. This is a cute fun look! 

4. High Pony- Throwing it back to my cheerleader days. To achieve this look I just flip my head over and grab all my hair, put it on top of my head and secure it with a black ponytail. I get a teasing comb and tease away to make it look bigger! 

5. Top Knot- otherwise known as the Bun! I wear my hair like this at least 3 days out of the week. Once I have my hair in a ponytail I grab all of it, make a circle with my hair and pull it out to give it the loose look! After I shampoo my hair I love using the Hair La Vie Leave-in Conditioner Spray and after a couple days the top knot is the perfect hairstyle! 

I love Hair La Vie products because they make my hair smell good, look good and they are healthy. I actually keep the serum in my purse to help any frizz I have during the day. I hope this post was helpful, make sure to tag me if you do any of these hairstyles!

Thank you so much to Hair La Vie for sponsoring today's post! 

Photography: Kandid with Kate

My outfit details: Earrings- Madewell
Tank- Leander Boutique (use code Nicole15 for a discount!)
Pants- Leander Boutique (use code Nicole 15 for a discount!)


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