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5 Ways to Get Motivated to Go to the Gym

August 26, 2016

Sports Bra: Reebok Tank: Marshall's, similar here in white Shorts: Nike Tennis Shoes: Nike 'Roshe One' 

Today I thought I would share with you a little different post than normal. Now I don't know about you but I go through spells with working out. I swear one month I'm like really into it then the next I don't even want to think about going to the gym. So I thought I would write a post about 5 ways you can use to get motivated to go to the gym if you are on the struggle bus like I have been! So here we go:

1. Buy Cute Gear. Yes. I know when I saw these Nike's I was more pumped to workout because I had new shoes. I think all girls would agree ;)

2. Invite a Friend! When I used to live in my hometown we all did a bootcamp together and it made it so much easier to go and harder not to go because I knew my friends would be there lol. They are great motivation. 

3. Try a Fun Class. The gym Justin and I just signed up for not to long ago has a ton of classes I've been wanting to try (one of them being Hip Hop!). I know if I had a scheduled class every week I would definitely go. 

4. Download a New Playlist. I pay like $10 a month for Spotify and it is the best investment ever. They have a new music Friday and I always create a new playlist from that. New music always gets me excited to workout. 

5. Stop Thinking about it and Just Do It. Ok so maybe I stole part of Nike's slogan...but it's true! 

How do you stay motivated to workout or go to the gym? 


  1. Great tips and I love your cute workout gear!


  2. I also find it so hard to stay motivated and go to the gym! Bringing a friend is always great!
    xo Jessica

  3. "Just do it" is THE motto. I always need to put on my workout clothes and get out of the damn door or it won't happen. Loved this motivation post, you look amazing!

    1. Lol I know that's what I meant like the end of #5. Thanks girl.

  4. Love these motivational tips! Your workout gear is the cutest!!

    xO - Steph


  5. You go girl!! I love the fact that you enjoy working out.

    1. Lol lets not go that far. I just do it because I know I need to ;)

  6. Great tips and such fun photos! I am a huge advocate of cute gear and a great playlist! As someone who actually loves to train alone, I personally don't do much in the way of classes or the buddy system anymore (blame 20 years of teaching group fitness and a doing personal training in a gym setting, lol), it is SO important for so many! Great post!

    1. Thanks girl! I know I actually like working out alone most of the time too but when a friend is with me it's fun!

  7. I definitely needed this! I have been major slacking on the gym front and needed some motivation!! Thanks girlfriend!

    xo Kelsey | www.chasingcinderellablog.com

  8. LOVE these tips and babe, you look INCREDIBLE!!! xo

  9. I love this post! Cute workout clothes have been my motivation to go, for sure!

    xo, Amanda | www.thegoldengirldiary.com

  10. I needed this since I skipped today! haha! Thanks girl!

  11. I totally needed this article! It's easy for me to go out and play tennis, but the gym and barre is so much harder!! cute work out gear, and a buddy definitely help, and keep you accountable lol xoxo

  12. Couldn't agree more with the JUST DO IT! Like yes my cute leggings motivate me but at the end of the day I'm going to feel mentally better if I do it, so JUST DO IT :) Cute post, Nicole XX, Donna

  13. Great post! yes bringing a friend helps! I have not been consistent in working out and want to get back on track! You look amazing!


  14. Love these tips! I'm all about the workout gear for sure. Hugs, Kait

  15. Hey there HOTTIE!!! I agree wearing cute gear and taking a fun class. I can't seem to find the perfect workout buddy. I'm still searching. Btw, love those tennies!!


  16. Such great tips! I totally agree on the cute gear! It really does help! xo


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