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Irresistible Me Review

August 8, 2016

Hair Extensions: Irresistible Me Earrings: BP. Tank: Express (love this!)

I know I shared with you guys a few weeks ago that I started wearing hair extensions and today I wanted to share my review on them! They are from a company called Irresistible Me. Now I don't know about you but I love hair extensions. I never wore them in high school but when I discovered them in college, I was like hallelujah finally some longer, thick hair! I just feel so much prettier when I have long hair. The extensions I'm wearing are from the Silky Touch category and are called Silky Chocolate Brown #2. They weigh 200 grams total and came with 10 pieces total. Want to hear the crazy part? I'm only wearing two of the pieces in these pictures. They are so thick and full, I don't really need to wear more than that. 

These extensions are 100% Remy human hair and are so extremely soft. Plus they hold curls like no other! I will curl these once and be good to go for at least a few days. My real hair loses it's curl after a few hours lol. I have tried out a few other extensions prior to these and these are the best. Plus, they are running a sale right now for 25% off! If you are wanting longer hair or just some added volume, you should really try Irresistible Me

Sponsored by Irresistible Me. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Beautiful! The color blends into your natural hair so well- I can't tell what's what! I've never used extensions, but I do like Irresistible Me products. These look great!

    1. Thanks babe! Yes you don't need them your hair is gorgeous! xo

  2. The extensions look amazing! I can't even tell you are wearing them!
    xo Jessica

  3. Um, NO WAY!!! This looks so natural and real!! I cannot even tell they are extensions!! Stunning!!! XO

  4. AH I want to try them!!! I have always wanted more body to my hair! You look gorgeous as always!

    xo Kelsey |

  5. Your hair looks AH-MAZING! If I didn't just chop all of my hair off, I'd be all over these! When I grow it out again though for sure! It's the perfect way to add volume!

    xo, Amanda |

  6. Your hair always looks perfect! I want extensions again!

    Xo, Hales |

  7. Your hair is so beautiful I could never tell these are extensions!

  8. The extensions look great on you and so natural! Beautiful girl! Xoxo

  9. Looks great on you! I have these too I love them!

  10. The extensions look great. I'd never know that they weren't real hair! Happy Monday :)


  11. The extensions look so natural and gorgeous! They blend so perfect!


  12. You remind me of a classic 80s/90s supermodel, like a Christy Turlington or something! MAGE BABE! You hair look fabulous and I love you in a pontyail!!

  13. These look amazing on you!! They look so natural and the fact that they hold curl so well is such a bonus!!


  14. I hadnt ever considered extensions until earlier this month! Like you, I have long hair (but havent always) and would love to have the look of fuller hair or have more to braid from time to time! These are a perfect match and look so natural on you! LOVE!

    xx | jordan taylor | petiteMODERN


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