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Pink Off the Shoulder Top

April 19, 2017

Top: Asos c/o Jeans: Express (on sale and my favorite!!) Bag: Gucci Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless c/o Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Happy Wednesday guys! It was so windy when we shot this my hair was looking extra crazy so I figured I would leave those photos out lol. But this top from Asos is seriously so freaking cute I am in love. At 28, I still don't know how to iron correctly (I did iron this before we shot) so I'm sure it would look even better without any wrinkles lol. I am super excited for today because Justin and I are going to look at a puppy! We decided Emmy needs a friend. Stay tuned! xoxo

Photography: Photo 243


  1. I'm so jealous that you are looking at a puppy! You look great in that top though. I love the pink on you.

  2. I love that top! The color looks great on you!
    Sarah Lindner

  3. Loving anything pink this season. This pretty OTS top is no exception!

    April |

  4. I'm all about a steamer! Forget the ironing, lol. Love this cute top, the color is so pretty.

    Lee Anne

  5. This OTS shoulder top is so cute! I love the bow details. Don't worry....I feel like ironing is an art! I swear I can iron something and then a minute later it's wrinkled!


  6. Fab post! Love that cute look! That ots is so adorable on you! Obsessed with that gorg bag! You look stunning!

  7. Love that top. The pink off the shoulder is perfect for spring. xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma

  8. Awww! Can't wait to see this puppy!! Love this color on you!! This entire look is perfection!! XO

  9. I love the bows on this top! Can't wait to see the puppy!

    Amanda ||

  10. Such a cute top! And PS I totally cant iron either haha!

  11. That top is gorgeous on you! I never would have thought it was wrinkled from the photos. But I can't iron either - ha! My husband does all the ironing in the house because I don't meet the minimum standards.

  12. You look adorable! I love that pink top!! I am always so terrible at ironing. I am convinced that I got all of the wrinkles out, but then I put it on and I'm like, "is my iron broken?"

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