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Being Married to the Most amazing guy on earth

July 19, 2017

Little did I know thirty years ago today would be the most important day of my life. The day the guy who would change my life came into this world. Have you ever been with someone who you just catch yourself staring at? Or wondering throughout the day, how did I get so lucky?? He does this to me. Seven years together and a lifetime ahead of us I never thought I would get my fairytale I always wanted when I was a little girl. He is it for me. He is the positive energy I need when I'm feeling rough, he's the kiss I get every morning, he's the one I fight with constantly about what we are going to eat for dinner, he's my support, he's my partner through everything, he's it for me. Today and everyday, I cherish him. Happy birthday babe, I love you. 


  1. This is so sweet! Happy birthday to him!

  2. Awww! I LOVE seeing such sweet love! My husband turns 30 next month too!

  3. Omg I love you two!!! I wish we lived closer, we would totally double date!! I love that he is so positive and sweet!! He reminds me of Benjamin! I can't wait to see what yall are working on together!! XO

    1. Yes we would totally!! Thanks babe! You're the sweetest! xoxo

  4. Awe, this is so sweet! Happy Birthday to him!

    Lee Anne

  5. aww this is adorable! HBD to your man!

    xo megan

  6. Awe this is so sweet! Happy birthday to him!

  7. Y'all are literally perfect, so cute! Happy birthday to your man! xo

  8. Awwww happy birthday to him! You guys are a beautiful couple!

  9. This is seriously so sweet! I love your photos together, so beautiful!

    xoxo, Hannah


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